Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A rare treat: running with my OH

Last Saturday, I tweeted that Hubs was joining me on a run. I didn't think it was that big a deal, but I got quite a few comments on it. Most said that there was no way their other halves would run with them!

To be honest, a year ago I never would have believed my husband would EVER run, let alone run with me. Exercise has never been his thing and he never really found time during his crazy work schedule. And despite my nagging about diabetes and high blood pressure and thousands of other potential ailments, he ignored me! He is STUBBORN...yes stubborn in all capital letters! So no matter what I did I knew he wouldn't exercise--let alone run--unless he made his mind up to do it.

I'm sure I must've marked the occasion with a happy dance, but I can't really remember how Hubs started running. One day I think he just decided to go on a run for 20 minutes and realized it wasn't so bad! Since then, he runs about 1-2 times a week when his schedule allows.

At first Hubs and I never ran together. Even if we left at the same time, he went one direction and I ran the other! Then one day HE suggested it. I was wary as I still remembered the one time we did try to run together, a very long time ago. He went about 20 meters before turning around to go back home. But he promised it would be fine and you know, it was! Strange at first, since it was something we'd never done together. But nice.

Running together hasn't always been easy, though. I almost kicked him out of my running club after he complained I was too slow, and another time for refusing to accept some friendly advice! Grrr! But now we get along as running buddies much better.

I try not to push Hubs about his running, so I never ask him to run with me. He just suggests it once it a while when he knows I'm going on an easy run. When Hubs runs with me I almost feeling like he is getting a glimpse of my love for running....and therefore insight into a big part of me. So while Hubs doesn't run with me very often, for me it's always special.

Hubs will never be as crazy about running, and we'll probably never run together all that much. But I'm happy that he now tries to make running a regular part of his life.

Keep running, Hubs!

Do you run with your other half?


  1. I have run with my boyfriend (twice I think - once in a race when he was pacing me, once on a Christmas Day) but I much prefer running on my own. I just want to plug in my music and zone out. Even if I wanted to run with my boyfriend, I don't think he'd want to run with me, he's about 4 minutes a mile faster than me!

  2. @JogBlog

    Wow! He paced you during a race? That's so cool.

    Hubs has already complained about my (lack of) speed. I'm sure if he ever runs consistently he won't want to run with me any more!

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