Monday, 12 December 2011

Week 2 Recap - A little tweaking

Week 2 is done and dusted. Feeling great because last week was my highest weekly running volume EVER--46.34 miles. I also hit most of my targets during my hard workouts, and it makes me feel so good to know that I CAN DO IT!

I've had to make a few adjustments, though. Earlier in the week I was feeling so frustrated because I took an unscheduled rest day on Tuesday. I just felt so tired! Looking back, I realized that I'd been doing the same thing over the last few Tuesdays.

No rest after my long runs clearly hasn't worked for me, so it seemed right to move rest day to Tuesdays since it was naturally falling there anyway. Then I re-jigged things so that every hard day is followed by an easy day. Now my weekly training plan basically looks like this:

Monday -  Easy + hill sprints
Tuesday - Rest
Wednesday - Hard (threshold, intervals, etc)
Thursday - Easy
Friday - Hard (threshold, intervals, etc)
Saturday - Easy

Seemed to work pretty well for week 2, so interested to see how it goes from here!

Week 3....I'm ready for ya!