Thursday, 4 October 2012

What’s a runner without any races?

For me, my busiest racing period ever was the 8 months from September 2011 to May 2012. During that time I ran:

17 Sep 2011 – Dublin Half Marathon
13 Nov 2011 – Poppy Half Marathon (Bexhill)
20 Nov 2011 - Old Deer Park 10K (Richmond)
07 Jan 2012 - Southern California Half Marathon(Irvine)
19 Feb 2012 – Brighton Half Marathon
04 Mar 2012 - Regent's Park 10K
24 Mar 2012 - Maxifuel Half Marathon (Dorney Lake, Windsor)
27 May 2012 - Edinburgh - 4:49:28 (PB)

Part of the reason for this was my obsession with running a sub-2 half. The other reason was because I enjoyed it! Races were no longer scary events that I knew nothing about. The whole race day routine became normal—I knew how to prepare and what was going to happen. Easy!

While I’m very proud of all the races I did during that time, @brazilliangunner pointed out that one of the reasons why I might not have cracked that 2 hour mark was because I was racing too much, and that I should focus on a few big races a year. TBH at the time I was doing a lot of running and enjoying the races too much to think about it. But now as I struggle to find time for my training, it feels like the right thing to do.

Last week, I signed up for the Brighton Half Marathon. There have been some serious organizational issues every time I’ve run it (Conegate, anyone?), but it’s my home race and what could be easier than hopping over to the start line a few miles away?

I had originally planned to focus on 2-3 big events next year, one being a marathon. But after I didn’t get into London I decided that I would just wait for now, and see how things were going after the Brighton Half. Besides, at the moment just getting through a half marathon training plan will feel like an accomplishment.

For the first time in a long time I will have only 1 race on my calendar. It feels strange and kind of lazy, but for me it’s the right thing. I will be able to focus on getting that balance between running and work, and I hope I find it in the end.

So what’s a runner without any races?

A runner who is trying to find her running self again!


  1. Excellent news, I've signed up for Bright Half too - I would say I'd run with you but I think I might hold you up x Good luck with the training hon, let's hope they measure the course correctly this year & there's no other hiccups x

    1. OH, so great that you are running Brighton Half this year! You will love it! Fingers crossed that we have a smooth race--and nice weather--this year!

      We should see where we are at the time of the race. I think you will surprise yourself....I'll probably have to chase after you!

  2. I love racing and PB chasing but sometimes just going out for a run without a watch is one of the best things in the world. With your busy work schedule now I would not worry about a time on your half, just enjoy runnning. We miss you frequent tweets. :-)

    1. Hi Rodrigo--thanks for your kind words as always. I know I should just try to enjoy my running at this point, but I can't help chasing that 2 hour mark. If I could just get that 1:59.9 I will be able to stop obsessing!

      I hope to find a better work/life balance soon....

  3. I think a runner is a runner :) and you don't have to proove it with how many races you are doing! Just use your PB and race yourself. You have plenty of time to prepare for the Brighton half, so don't stress and just have fun. Great post.

  4. Runner running without keds or shoes . How funny it's looking like?

  5. I agree with Jessica, the only person you need to face up to is yourself and your PB is the best way to do that

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