Monday, 19 December 2011

Week 3 recap - Weathering the storm

I can't believe week 3 is done and the holidays are just a week away! Shifting my rest day and alternating between easy and hard runs has worked well. This week I ran 44.63 miles, and felt my pace was better overall.

I'm especially proud of my long run yesterday. While many places around the UK were dealing with snow and ice, Brighton wasn't too bad. It was cold and clear when I headed out for my run, with no ice on the pavements. But about halfway though it started to rain....then sleet....then hail!

Ugh! Is anything worse than those stinging little hailstones on your face?

It hailed off and on for a few miles. By the time the rain stopped, I was very wet and very cold. My thin gloves were soaked and I could barely move my fingers! I thought about turning back but then decided to keep going. Despite being cold I was actually feeling good--I just couldn't waste that! I really pushed on the last 3 miles and finished strong.

Now I feel like I can fight through all kinds of weather. BRING IT ON!

So the challenge for the next few weeks is the holidays. We're going to Abu Dhabi for 6 days which means two 7-hour flights. Where and how will I get all the miles in?

PLUS, after checking my yearly mileage I was surprised to find that I'm currently at 917.8 miles for the year! I never intended to hit 1000 miles but now that I'm close.......I ABSOLUTELY have to try and get there. It means 40+ miles each week for the next two weeks, and half the time I'll be away.

Will I be able to run 1000 miles in 2011? Even if it means running all night on New Year's Eve, I'M GOING TO DO IT!


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