Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Tourists, fire alarm, tv crew...and 6 crazy miles

I had a terrible meeting this morning! It was one of those times where you leave the room mumbling to yourself, "How could I have been so stupid?" Just one of those days, and I knew the only way I could stop scolding myself in my head would be a run. Luckily I had a enough time to squeeze one in at lunch.

Because I definitely wanted to clear my head, no iPod for me today. A good thing too, because although I knew it would be busy on the Southbank, it ended up being even crazier than I imagined! I had to get past both the London Eye and a 'This Morning' tv crew not once, but TWICE...there was a fire alarm at the Tate Modern causing tourists to run frantically out of it...and I nearly had a major collision with another runner! Nearly! Considering there were moments when I had no way to squeeze through the crowds, I'm pretty pleased with my run today.

Felt much better than I did yesterday when I just couldn't keep a brisk pace. Today I tried to stay relaxed and find a rhythm with each mile (learned about rhythm when watching the documentary on Eddie Izzard and his marathon challenge)!

Nothing can change what happened at my meeting this morning, but I'm definitely in much better spirits after my run!


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