Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Conquering the Hilton Metropole Hill...and unexplained tiredness!

So Tuesdays are usually my interval days, but I thought I would mix things up by alternating intervals and hills. I keep reading about how GOOD hills are to build strength and stamina, but I've avoided them for a long time--ever since I was surprised by a very hilly Windsor Half Marathon! (Anyone remember that hill around mile 7 that seemed practically vertical?!) Also, as a city girl I tend to run on very flat courses on pavement (Brighton seafront and along the Thames) and there aren't really hills close by.

But I decided I had to try and beat the hills because I do find that even the tiniest little slope throws me off during a race. The challenge would be to find a hill where I didn't need to use transportation to get there. Luckily, I remembered there were a few little hills on the Brighton seafront.....and I figured, little hills are better than no hills, right? So today I conquered the Hilton Metropole Hotel Hill! Can you spot it in the photo?

Yes, my hill is there in front of the hotel on the left. As it was my first hill session I didn't set any times or do any sprinting. I had a nice 1.5 mile warm up to the hill, then went up and down the hill 3 times in a big loop, ran a little more until I hit the 2 mile mark, turned round and did the hill 3 times again, and then headed home!

Not a very fast 4 miles as I felt tired today (more whinging about that later) but I have to say that my quads are feeling a little bit more tired than usual! So please, do you think:

  • A good city hill for a beginner?
  • Too small for hill training?
  • Okay size but should do super sprints up and down?
  • Why don't I just drive to the Downs and run some real hills?!?!

There is another 'hill' closer to the Marina that's about 4 times as big. Maybe I should use that one? Maybe....

On another note, do you ever have one of those days when you just feel tired but don't know why? Yesterday was a rest day, thought I ate pretty well, had a reasonable night's sleep, and I didn't feel dehydrated. So my run should have been fine, right? But it was just one of those days when even though I didn't feel like anything was specifically wrong (eg cramp, stitch), and I didn't feel like I was struggling with my breathing or anything, I just could not get myself to run any faster! No amount of coaxing seemed to make a difference.

Anyway, I guess there are always some days like this. I'll just have to make sure I rest up tonight so I'm ready for a steady 6 miles tomorrow.


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