Sunday, 23 October 2011

The best-laid schemes of mice and (wo)men

So it's week 4 of my 7-week training plan. Instead of running 15 miles on the seafront right now, I'm blogging on the sofa in between sniffles and a few pathetic coughs. I keep asking myself, how in the world did I get here after my careful planning?

I did really well my first two weeks--hitting my pace targets, doing reformer pilates and lots of dynamic stretching. But the last two weeks I started to slide. Patchy training a few weeks ago when my hubs was on holiday. Then went to Glossop (yeah, I didn't know where it was, either) this week to visit a dear friend, only to return with a miserable cold! I thought this whole running thing was supposed to make me impervious to sickness!?

Could it have been 6 days since my last run, with only 3 weeks to go until the Poppy Half?!

Not only that, I'm struggling with TWO of my three "get in the best shape of my life" commandments! Eight hours of sleep a night has been okay. Not too hard to do when you're on a career break. But eating healthily? Not so bad when I'm at home but when I'm eating out with friends it's hard! I don't want people to think I'm being difficult! And drinking enough water? Sounds easy but I just don't think about it. Ever. Even when I keep a bottle full of water right in front of me.

So not the best start to my grand plan, and considering my ongoing obsession to run my next half in under 2 hours--and the fact that I probably need another day or two to recover from this cold--I'm starting to freak out a little bit. Will I be under-trained for the Poppy Half?!

Fear not, this is just a random freak out. So.... *deep breath in*

I'm going to relax and let myself recover from this cold, then ease back into my training. I'll start fresh with my "best shape of my life" commandments. And who knows, these last few weeks may have done me some good! Better to train too little than too much, right?

I'm sure this won't be the only time my cozy plans come crashing down, and besides....I simply refuse to be turned out!


  1. Fear not, it happens to us all! I'm sure when the sniffles have departed you'll bounce back even more determined and crash through that 2hr barrier with no effort at all. :)

  2. It does happen to all of us but also make sure you have some rest time in your schedule - looks like you're training six times a week? My trainer nags me to death to eat nuts, protein and 1000mgs of vit c with zinc every other day to get through sessions like that! Sounds like you have lots of solid mileage under you so recovery time could be just the ticket. And remember your spirit can't tell the time! Enjoy and the numbers will come, don't chase the numbers.

  3. I think being under trained is better than over trained and the weeks rest will also do you good. Hopefully you can go into the last 2 weeks with fresh legs and lots of bounce!