Monday, 26 September 2011

My grand plans for the Poppy Half (and beyond!)

I've had a week to reflect and recover, but now I'm ready to RUMBLE!

My GRAND PLAN is a long term blueprint that carries me through until my first marathon in May 2012. Phase I starts NOW.

Phase I
I have 7 weeks until the Poppy Half and I want to continue building a strong running base. So my running volume is staying largely the same but I'm adding strength training and dynamic warm ups. I've decided to try reformer pilates (pilates with weight resistance) and then a day of traditional weight training.

My inspiration for this plan came from Runner's World ultimate training plans, and one of my favorite running websites, Strength Running ( I'm going to use this as a high level guide, but will make adjustments based on how I feel....and how my body adjusts to the new changes.

Phase II will be training for the Brighton Half in February. I'll add swimming on my easy days in anticipation of doing a triathlon one day. (Although for me, cycling will be the real challenge!)

Phase III will be training for the Edinburgh Marathon in May. Hopefully I will have a good solid running base by then, and be ready for those truly long runs!

And then who knows what's next?

So it all kicks off tomorrow, and of course I'm still trying to follow my 'Get in the best shape of my life' commandments. I'm excited and scared, but now that I have the time to do it, I'M GOING TO DO IT!


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