Tuesday, 9 August 2011

You think you're gonna have a bad run? Then you'll have a bad run....

I've been really happy with my running these last few weeks, with no motivation issues. In fact, I felt like I was getting better and better with each run! But this morning I just didn't feel like running AT ALL. I dragged my feet (more than usual!) and could not bring myself to even think about intervals. I don't know if it's because I'm about to go on holiday....or the depressing scenes around London and the UK that played over and over again on the news this morning.

I knew, JUST KNEW that if I did intervals they would be bad. So instead of my planned 5 mile run with intervals, I decided to do a 6 mile fartlek. Figured the extra mile would be good since I won't be able to run tomorrow, and the fartlek would let me throw in a few random sprints when it wasn't too crazy on the Southbank. How easy it is to just avoid something you're supposed to do!

Not the worst run I've ever had (like when I wasn't fueling properly), but I just never really felt comfortable. I definitely didn't feel the flow, not for a moment. Looking back though, I'm sure my lack of motivation and just that feeling of "why do I have to run?" contributed to my general blah-ness out there. If I had kicked myself in the ass I'm sure I would have felt differently. I've read so many articles on self-belief, visualization, mental toughness...and how it's just as important as physical training to set yourself up to do well. I thought I was going to have a bad run, so I DID have one! So next time I'm feeling reluctant I'm going to give myself a stern talking to! I'll remember my injury and tell myself how lucky I am just to be running! HA!

I'm off to California tomorrow morning....so excited to see my family, in particular my niece and nephew. I'll be busy spoiling them over the next week, but will definitely find time to squeeze in a run or two.

Ca-li-for-nia here I come....right back where I started from.....

Stay safe, London. I'll be thinking of you!


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