Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Short Legs. Lofty Goals.

When I was in school I HATED running. In fact, I joined sports teams so I wouldn't have to run in regular PE classes! My swim coach in high school used to make us run sometimes and I would complain "I became a swimmer so I didn't have to run!"

But it's many years later now, and when I needed a way to get back in shape running seemed like an 'easy' option--no gym membership required. And although it was tough in the beginning, I was surprised how much I enjoyed it and how quickly it improved my overall fitness. I started running with some colleagues at work, and they pushed me to try harder and even sign up for races.

So fast forward about three years.....I've done two half-marathons, lots of 10Ks, and recovered from my first major injury. I'm armed with good shoes, a Garmin 405CX and lots of drinks and gels, and back on a training program to run the Dublin Half Marathon in September 2011.

And YES, I am small (about 5'1'' on a tall day) but I've learned that I can't use that as my excuse to be slow! My friend who is a good three inches shorter whups my ass with her super-fast times (think marathon PB of around 3:30!) so she has served as motivation, inspiration and aggravation! So my goal for the Dublin Half Marathon is to break the Sub-2:00 mark!

I hope you'll join me on my journey by sharing your advice and experiences with me...because I LOVE running now and the best part is knowing there are so many other runners out there.


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