Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Intervals, a nagging watch, and Dakota Fanning

My 13 mile run on Sunday was a slow slog! But encouraged by a rest day and relatively fresh feeling legs, I headed out for intervals this morning. Last week I traded intervals for hill training, so it's been a while since I'd gotten my feet to move at more than a snail's pace. Intervals are never easy for me and as always my Garmin just wouldn't stop saying "speed up", but getting around the 8:30/mile mark is always good for me. I *did* rest by walking a bit in between.

I'm determined to get faster and hope intervals will put a spring in my step and help my long runs. Week 9 has begun...

OH, and celeb spotting! As I ran past Brighton Pier on the way back home I saw Dakota Fanning! Surrounded by her entourage and sporting a pixie cut, she was eating chips! To make sure I wasn't hallucinating from a tough interval, I googled and found she's filming in Brighton! http://www.celebrything.com/socialite-life/dakota-fanning-bundles-up-on-the-set-of-%E2%80%98now-is-good%E2%80%99-photos/

Believe it or not, Dakota Fanning is not my first foray into celebrity spotting on the run. While running in London I've also seen Eddie Jordan and David Cameron. OK, not as exciting as seeing Sporty Spice at a Giraffe restaurant on the Southbank....but sure helps to make a run memorable!

Have you ever spotted someone famous while out on a run? Tell me who!


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