Sunday, 31 July 2011

Eureka! The revelation of week 9

I had some plans today, so this week I moved my long run to Saturday. After some frustrating runs last week--and a particularly rough long run when I totally fizzled--I spent this week testing out my new fueling strategy. No, nothing complicated and scientific...I just made sure I had a real meal before my runs. On Saturday it meant that if I wanted to beat the crowds on the seafront, I had to get up EARLY. Well, early for ME on a Saturday. Up at 7am, I stumbled in the kitchen and had two pieces of toast and a cup of tea for breakfast. I debated on whether to go to bed for another hour, but hung in there!

I left for my run about 2 hours after eating (don't know if I could've gone out a little sooner but I'm a procrastinator!) armed with Nuun in my water bottle and 2 gels. Still slightly apprehensive, I was encouraged by my other runs this week, and decided to go with the following game plan--try to settle into target pace (10:00/mi) as soon as possible, instead of getting stuck in low gear. And just think to myself, relax and get into the flow!

I didn't quite hit my target pace, but overall I felt SO MUCH better during this week's run. I felt pretty good the entire time, and that was even with a surprise hill near Brighton Marina. I was especially happy that I was strong enough at the end to pick the pace back up. Tired, but strong. A world of difference compared to last week when I felt absolutely drained.

So long run yesterday meant I had an easy 3 miles today back in London. Nice to have a relaxing run along the Thames, and felt good getting my legs going after the long run yesterday. Maybe I should always have an easy run after my long one!

Week 9 has gone well, and a weekly mileage of 32.5 is my highest ever! And of course, my big revelation for the week is that I must have a real meal before running. Yes, even if it means I have to get up early! It's made a big difference to my energy levels before running, even compared to energy beans or drinks. I feel like being well fueled gives me a better chance of a good running day--and that's great! Eureka!


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