Saturday, 23 July 2011

Check, check and check...only then can I run!

Easy 3 miles today under pretty good conditions--just a little light rain! The sea looked more like a lake this morning so hope it's the same tomorrow. No more running in wind tunnels, please!

Tomorrow is my first 13 mile training run! Oh, I've run 13 miles before but ONLY for actual races. Training for my last two halfs I maxed out at 11 or 12 miles. This time though, the plan is to get to 14 miles before the big day. Gusty winds meant my long run last week wasn't great, so today I'm trying my best to prepare for a good run tomorrow...eating well, drinking enough water (my biggest challenge) and not staying up too late!

As we runners know (yes, I AM a runner, right?), prep continues up until we head out. @runner795's tweet this morning made me think of my pre-long run checklist. Because I don't about you, mine is quite specific and done in a relatively set order! So these are the things I'll be checking off in my head before my long run tomorrow, from the moment I get out of bed to the moment I'm out the door:

  • Eat 10 or so Lemon-Lime Sport beans and drink half glass water
  • Sunscreen on face
  • Running outfit on
  • Hair clip in
  • Sunscreen everywhere else
  • Make Nuun and fill Camelbak Podium water bottle
  • Toilet break (You know what I mean! Don't want random stops during a run!)
  • Socks and shoes on
  • Gels (IsoGel and Power Bar) in Camelbak quick grip
  • Arm band for iPod on
  • iPod and earphones connected and on
  • Garmin 405CX on (hopefully I remembered to charge the night before)
  • House key in back pocket
  • Tweet!
  • Sunglasses (if sun actually out)
  • Step outside and connect to satellites
  • GO!

Slightly obsessive, eh? And to be honest I do forget things....usually my drink and I have to turn back for it! I can imagine this will only get more complicated (and I'll only get more obsessive) when I eventually train for a marathon on day.

So, what's your pre-running ritual? Tell me all about it 'cause I love ideas!


  1. i do my long runs really early, so i'll have my hydration vest all packed up the night before, bladder in the fridge. always have a big homemade flapjack before going though, and haribos to eat on the way round :)

  2. Preparing the night before--will try to do that! I DO waste a lot of time procrastinating a bit! (As you can see....)