Sunday, 4 December 2011

Week 1 Recap - Finding the courage to be slow

My training for the Brighton Half has started! I was looking forward to it after a solid prep week. Plus for the first time since my cold in October, I was really feeling like my old running self!

The week wasn't without its ups and downs, though.

I think my increased mileage during prep week affected me for the first few days. I was a little more tired than expected so took an unplanned rest day on Tuesday. But after that I felt much better and now seem to be adjusting to the new routine. Here's planned vs. actual:

Mon - Easy 5mi + 5 x 8 sec hill sprints
Tues - Unplanned rest day
Wed - Easy 7mi
Thurs - Easy 6mi
Fri - 8mi, last 20 min moderate
Sat - Rest
Sun - 9mi, last 20 min moderate


Now, I know it all must seem very slow for someone who's trying to run a half under 2 hours. But for this training plan, I've decided not to be scared about being slow. When the plan says easy, I go easy.

I used to worry that my easy pace was just too slow--that I was supposed to go faster. Could a pace that's barely faster than walking be okay?! So I always made sure my easy runs hovered around a 10 min/mile pace.  But now I've accepted that my easy pace is my easy pace, and try to go by feel. I don't panic if I'm running a 12-minute mile if that's how I'm feeling that day. But I make sure I focus on achieving the pace requirements for the hard workouts. That's a MUST....

...and why I was happy with my long run today. I picked up the last two miles as I was supposed to, even though I had to run into the wind!

I've never taken this approach before, and maybe there IS such a thing as being too slow. But for now it feels right, and I'll just have to see what happens over the next few weeks.

On to week 2!


  1. Slow is good. Really good for easy days. They say the elites run 2+ minutes slower than their race times on easy days. It allows the body to recover and get ready for the key workouts. So you're good!

  2. Hi Lisa,

    11 or 12 m/m seems okay then based on my goal race pace for the HM. It just seemed so slow, you know? Thanks for your reassurances that slow is good!

  3. slow is fab but it has to be based on a 5k/10k race time. so 2 minutes per mile slower than your 5k race pace.thats classed as easy, too slow is unproductive, ill post again asap with some site to check out for correct times

  4. @Anonymous

    Thanks for your comments. You reminded me of an article I once saw in Runners World. Is this what you mean?

    Luckily my 10K time isn't very fast so I think my slow is okay! :)

  5. more this one or hrm training

  6. @Anonymous

    Very cool tool...thanks for sharing it!